Our latest version of our 3D monitor will have full HD capability throughout the entire viewing angle with no loss in resolution and at no cost to the overall effect. Our patented Time Sharing technology allows for content to be displayed in incredible detail in both 2D and 3D modes.


True Parallax

Unlike conventional stereoscopic systems, which render only two views, Zecotek’s monitor displays a great number of perspective views simultaneously and seamlessly. Along with a wide viewing angle, multiple viewers can experience their own unique perspective depending on what is being displayed. The effect is specially realistic and visually stunning allowing for realtime manipulation of 3D objects that you can almost touch.

This is what traditional 3D Tv’s see 

Narrow sweet spots that miss the big picture 


From entertainment to life saving technologies, our monitor will offer a completely new dimension to a wide variety of industries including the ones mentioned here


Breaking through the ceiling of realism that has settled on the gaming world is one of our focuses when developing our 3D monitor. A 3D environment will add significant immersion and realism to any gaming setup.
With true parallax, wide viewing angle and HD resolution our monitor is the next logical step in gaming. With SDK and developer kits to be made available, we will enable the community to develop powerful integration and third party apps to push the capabilities of the monitor even further.

Medical Imaging

As medical imaging devices become increasingly sophisticated, able to render complex 3D images of organs and other aspects of medical interest, the ability to view these renderings in realtime 3D becomes more and more apparent.
Again, by making SDK’s and supporting software developers, integration with existing systems becomes an achievable reality resulting in faster, more accurate diagnosis of patient conditions.


Increase conversion rates by generating more interest during campaigns remains vital to successful marketing and advertising initiatives.
Our 3D monitor will allow creative agencies an entirely new dimension of freedom within which to innovate. New, clever and immersive campaigns will increase eyeball rates and brand awareness. Zecotek’s 3D monitor will literately add a new layer of interest to any marketing strategy.

Industrial Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) will see tremendous innovation resulting from our 3D technology. Designers will be able to specially visualise their projects in realtime with real parallax before attempting to 3D print a prototype, saving time and cost due to expensive and slow 3D prototyping processes. Real time prototyping and advanced rendering techniques can reduce errors in prototyping and make 3D printing more efficient.


From flight training both civil and military to mapping public transport routes, air traffic control, disaster relief planning, mining layouts, etc adding an extra dimension to these and other simulation environments will result in more effective and efficient planning and simulation outcomes.



Experience 3D naturally without glasses or other peripheral devices.


Full 3D in High Definition throughout the entire viewing angle. HD is available in both 2D and 3D modes without loss of resolution due to our time sharing technology.


With real parallax, viewers can move around a seemingly "floating" image or object in 3D space. With our image manipulation devices and techniques, users can manipulate and interact with 3D objects in realtime examining all angles and aspects as desired.


Due to our unique technology, we no longer are limited to the small "sweet spots" that traditional glasses free 3D monitors are plagued with. Our monitor boasts a wide viewing angle of over 90 degrees, accommodating a larger audience and creating a shared environment with unique perspectives.


We believe in co-creation with our users and customers and this is why we are adopting a community based approach to our software development. Integration with content and applications driven by our customers is key to staying relevant and pushing the boundaries of our technology.


Our technology is scalable, meaning that we can produce monitors of various sizes and configurations to suit the needs of customers and specific industries. 

We have termed our unique function of simultaneous play, SIMPLAY. Designed to replace the existing split screen function common to most consoles, SIMPLAY allows up to three players to watch the same screen but see completely different images while sitting comfortably side by side.

The multiplayer aspect of gaming will be forever changed as players view the entire screen in full 3D-HD or full 2D-HD yet have a completely different point of view to their friends sitting right next to them.
Imagine playing a competitive game against your friends and not being able to see their perspective while still seeing your own at the full resolution of the screen. The experience is unlike anything available today.
Using a time-sharing technology as opposed to space sharing, we are able to create different viewing zones on the same monitor with no reduction in resolution or visual experience.

SIMPLAY is not limited to just gameplay, if multiple devices are connected to one monitor, say a console and a TV broadcast device, one viewer could watch a movie while the other played a game. The two experiences would be completely independent of one another yet enjoyed on the same screen.


This is the view of the player on the RIGHT. He sees his character in full resolution using all the area of the screen.

This is the view of the player on the LEFT. He also sees his character in full resolution using all the area of the screen at the same exact time as his friend on the RIGHT in full HD and 3D if he likes.