Real-Time 3D Display System
Zecotek has successfully developed a compact, colour, 3D display prototype that offers multiple viewers with true volumetric visualization and exhibit depth and parallax over a wide viewing angle.

Historically numerous attempts were made to build a 3D visualization device. In fact, patents on the subject were granted as early as 1862. However, only recently have new technologies and devices compatible with 3D ideology been introduced and become commercially viable.

The introduction of readily available software for rendering 3D images, coupled with vast increases in cheap processing power, sparked a revolution in computer imaging that is still gathering momentum. Within the past decade the ability to visualize and manipulate digital media in virtual 3D has become an irreplaceable tool in industrial design, engineering, aerospace, medical research, architecture, media, geology, and logistics — in fact, in all fields where 3D provides unmatched utility, novelty, stimulus to creativity, and enhancement of productivity. But while software development and increases in processing power initiated the 3D revolution, display hardware still lags far behind, with the vast bulk of 3D visualisation remaining a software simulation in a 2D screen environment.

The result is a large, pent-up demand for devices which can provide a full 3D volumetric experience, meanwhile adequately standing up to the modern requirements for clarity, integrity, viewing angles, broad applicability, and, importantly, pricing of a high-definition 2D screen.

In response to this demand, Zecotek has utilized its world-class expertise in optics to develop a high-performance auto stereoscopic 3D display technology that leverages a very cost-effective proprietary architecture. In meeting market needs, Zecotek’s 3D display technology provides for multiple viewers with true volumetric visualization – exhibiting depth and parallax, over a wide viewing angle – without resorting to special glasses or other artificial devices.

Zecotek’s 3D product development roadmap includes large screen, flat screen, and laptop based 3D/2D applications.

Diagnostic medical imaging has undergone significant transformation in recent years, with the advent of Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning techniques. These techniques generate potentially valuable 3D image data which can be lost with the 2D displays in present use. Only a 3D display, providing both 3D and 2D capability, can fully leverage the available image data to enable more accurate diagnosis in reduced time.

Zecotek's Real-Time 3D/2D Display System is a novel, proprietary display system for the visualization of both images and data. Based on the auto stereoscopic principle, but with substantial patent-pending innovation, it represents a new generation of 3D display. It is particularly powerful when applied to the field of medical imaging, providing for multi-user, multi-view, freedom of movement, high resolution in both 3D and 2D modes, superior image dynamic range in 2D mode, 2D and 3D simultaneous displays, common brightness and compatibility with existing applications. In addition to medical imaging, the 3D display will find extensive application in many other fields, such as:

  • Entertainment and gaming
  • Advertisement
  • 3D graphics and design
  • Flight simulators and navigation
  • Geology and mapping
  • Military and defense
  • Real estate
  • Air-traffic control
These applications represent several distinct multi-billion dollar worldwide markets.

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