Mr. Erich Sager
Executive Vice President for Business Development and Corporate Affairs & Member of the Board
Mr. Sager received a business degree from the School of Economics and Business Administration in Zurich, Switzerland. Since 2000 Mr. Sager has held the position of Chairman and President of Calltrade Carrier Service AG, the leading wholesale phone operator in Europe. Previously Mr. Sager worked in the private banking sector, serving as Senior Vice President, Head of Private banking for Dresdner Bank ( Switzerland) Ltd., and as Vice President, Head of German Desk for Deutsche Bank ( Switzerland) Ltd. He was also Partner of LaMont Asset Management SA and Belmont Invest AG. Mr. Sager currently serves as a director of Beverage Metrics Holding AG, Telinvest Holding AG and Scandinavian Gold Ltd. He has served as a director of BioMarin since 1997.
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