Why Zecotek’s 3DD is the next stage of evolution for 3D systems
Glasses: According to a recent study in consumer attitudes conducted by The Neilson Co for the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing has found that the majority of people surveyed cited the glasses as a reason they were not likely to buy a 3D television and that nearly nine in 10 people worry that it will constrain them from multitasking while the TV is on. It suggests that the true breakthrough for the technology  won't come until sets are developed that allow 3-D viewing without the glasses.

Content: People are also concerned there is not enough 3-D programming available yet to make a purchase worthwhile. Zecotek’s system has technology readily available for immediate commercial uses: geology, medical, security, industrial design as well as commercial signage. Content is not an issue in any of these sectors and in many cases 3D can be a mission critical function.

Gaming. Seven in 10 regular gamers expressed interest in playing games in 3-D, Nielsen said.* Zecotek’s system brings a new split screen feature to gaming and collaborative work activities - all without glasses.

***the Nielsen study was conducted with focus groups and a survey of 425 randomly selected people who answered questions and watched a 30-minute highlight reel of 3-D television. The margin of error is plus or minus 5 percentage points.
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