Features of Zecotek’s 3D System
Zecotek’s 3DD does not require glasses or eye tracking or other extraneous or viewer dependent devices. Unlike conventional stereo systems, which render only two views, Zecotek’s 3DD operates by forming a very large number of perspective views which, together with its wide viewing angle, allows multiple viewers to each have their own unique perspective. This combination of views, viewing angle and the 3DD’s high resolution offer a viewing experience closest to the visual perception of real objects. Zecotek’s 3DD system can be used naturally and effectively with images derived from medical imaging, rendering, geo-physical data, and other industrial and military applications for enhanced situation and process analysis, fast decision-making, and problem-solving.

Other unique features of Zecotek’s 3DD include both continuous motion parallax and the occlusion effect within the viewing angle. (Motion parallax is the apparent difference in the direction of movement or speed produced when the subject moves relative to his environment. The occlusion effect is the blocking of one object by another opaque or non-transparent object located in front of it but where the hidden object can still be seen if viewed from a different angle, for example, in side view). The combination of motion parallax and the occlusion effect eliminate the sense of imbalance and dizziness which can occur in particular with polarized and shutter-type glasses and which are contributing to concerns over health and safety of 3D viewing.

Zecotek’s 3DD is scalable and offers both small 3D display screens for use in the transportation, personal computing and gaming industries, and large 3D display screens designed to meet the expected demand for industrial, advertisement, medical and home entertainment markets.

Zecotek's 5th generation system has been specifically designed to accommodate the emerging next-generation OLED’s and LED’s and control systems, which will allow for both flat, thin panel 3D displays as well as powerful back projection desk top configurations. 

Zecotek has utilized its world-class expertise in optics to develop a high-performance, auto stereoscopic, 3D/2D display that leverages a highly cost-effective proprietary architecture. Zecotek’s 3D display technology provides multiple viewers with true volumetric visualization – exhibiting depth and parallax, over a wide viewing angle – without resorting to special glasses or other user aides.

Zecotek's 3D/2D Display provides a new level of user interface aimed at a wide range of applications:
  • No glasses or other special equipment required for viewing
  • No head tracking necessary
  • Multi viewers, with each viewer experiencing different perspectives depending on position
  • Viewers will see a changing image when moving within the viewing angle
  • Same high resolution in 2D and 3D modes
Zecotek's patented and patent-pending 3D/2D display fulfils these requirements and offers these additional benefits and features:
  • Extremely small angle between adjacent views resulting in absence of viewing discontinuity or perspective "gaps"
  • Display utilizes off-the-shelf components making it cost effective
  • Scalable design making it customizable depending on application requirements
  • Simultaneous display of 2D and 3D with no loss of details
  • Dynamic control of number of views, viewing angle, and colour depth
A 32-inch prototype display is currently being demonstrated at our Vancouver and Singapore offices.

To attend a demonstration of our 32" 3D/2D display, please contact [email protected]

To view the white paper on our 3D Display technology click here
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