By providing a fusion of PET and MRI technologies within one assembly, Zecotek aims for a breakthrough in medical imaging - the simultaneous integration of real-time high-resolution anatomic and metabolic images for enhanced diagnostics and improved patient outcomes. The unique combination of these technologies in a PET/MRI, with the additional features of improved performance characteristics offered by the individual components, will constitute a completely new level of medical imaging. Zecotek is presently funding a joint collaboration with the University of Washington, led by the University’s Dr. Thomas Lewellen, Professor of Radiology and Director of Physics and Instrumentation Development in Nuclear Medicine, using Zecotek’s prototype MAPD 2 and MAPD 3 devices in designs for high-resolution detectors for pre-clinical positron emission tomography (PET) scanners and a PET insert for magnetic resonance (MRI) scanners.

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