Micro-pixel Avalanche Photo Diodes (MAPD)
Zecotek has developed a new compact and cost-effective photo-detector for low light detection that will phase out the bulky and expensive PMT's (photo multiplier tubes) presently used in different imaging applications such as PET, Gamma cameras and high-energy nuclear physics.

The new Micro-pixel Avalanche Photo Diodes (MAPD) detect very small signals and can be readily used for photon counting. They feature extremely high gain typical of PMT’s (~ 106) with the advantage of low operating voltage (~50 V compared to ~ 1000 V for PMT). All solid-state design makes MAPD detectors compact and insensitive to high magnetic fields. Zecotek’s detectors incorporate our break-through technology that dramatically improves linearity and allows very tight timing resolution by providing fast pulse rise time and low jitter. Together with its new scintillation material LFS, Zecotek’s photo-detectors provide a powerful platform for medical imaging applications relying on γ-ray detection, such as PET scanning, offering significant benefits to the industry.

Key features include:

  • Very high gain (~105–106)
  • High linearity
  • Low operating voltage (~50-100 V)
  • Insensitive to magnetic field
  • All-solid-state compact and extremely reliable design
  • High PDE (15–30%)
  • Fast pulse rise time (~2 ns)
  • Low dark noise (< 1 MHz/mm2)


Applications are:

  • Confocal microscopy
  • Flow cytometry
  • High-energy physics
  • PET/SPECT scanners
  • DNA sequencing
  • LIDAR and environmental monitoring
  • Homeland security


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