LFS Scintillation Material

Zecotek’s patented (US patent No. 7,132,060) Lutetium Fine Silicate (LFS) series of scintillation crystals are distinguished by their combined high light yields and ultra-fast decay times. These performance advantages enable faster, higher-resolution operation of medical and industrial imaging devices – including PET, PET-CT, and gamma cameras. The line of LFS crystals developed at Zecotek, covers a wide range of emission wavelengths which can be tailored to match the spectral sensitivity of various PMT detectors and Zecotek’s flagship range of MAPD avalanche photodetector arrays.


Products based on LFS crystals are now available for sale. Their superlative light yields (80–85%, NaI scale) and decay constants (< 35 ns) set them apart from other industry contenders. Medical imaging devices can achieve particularly high performance and compact size by combining spectrally matched LFS with MAPD 3 detectors as well as other combinations involving existing PMT’s and MAPD-2 types.


The superior radiation hardness of our LFS crystals also makes them ideally suited for many types of high-energy physics experiments and other applications associated with high levels of ionising radiation. Our continued R&D; programme has also resulted in achievement of unprecedented extremely short decay times, which will be implemented in our future products. Such breakthrough developments open new horizons in time-of-flight imaging, notably in PET devices, which will dramatically improve clarity and resolution of generated data.

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