Thin Film Lasers
Waveguide design of solid-state lasers offers a number of advantages over traditional design, such as low lasing threshold and excellent mode matching for pumping with high-power laser diodes. Thermal distortion, which is a limiting factor in bulk-media lasers, has much less impact on the performance of waveguide lasers.

Using a new approach based on Molecular Beam Epitaxial (MBE) process, ZLS is collaborating with the Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Lab (AMPEL) at the University of British Columbia to develop thin-film waveguide structures for the next generation of DPSS lasers. This has already shown exceptional results. This novel product architecture combines the advantages of traditional DPSS sources, fibre lasers, and those of highly-scalable technological processes used in the semiconductor industry and will provide an entirely new class of laser sources.

The initial product is aimed at the 1.06-µm wavelength, with subsequent products targeted at other wavelengths in the infra-red and visible range. The complete development of ZLS’ waveguide technology will open up a broad spectrum of opportunities in diverse fields, including dentistry, medicine, integrated optical devices for telecommunications, and materials processing.
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