LFS-3 Scintillation Crystals Show Radiation Hardness

Zecotek Announces Positive Radiation Hardness Testing Results of its Patented LFS Scintillation Crystals

Singapore, June 9, 2011 - Zecotek Photonics Inc. (TSX-V: ZMS; Frankfurt: W1I), a developer of leading-edge photonics technologies for medical, industrial and scientific markets, today announced the successful testing of the newest version of the Company’s patented LFS scintillation crystals. The LFS-3 were tested for high radiation hardness by the ITEP (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics) synchrotron facility in Moscow, Russia. In controlled experiments, several variants of LFS scintillation crystals were subjected to high-fluence proton beams of up to 4.4·1012 p/cm2. While previous versions of Zecotek’s ultra-fast LFS crystals had demonstrated very good radiation hardness and substantial restoration of the optical transmittance overtime, the new LFS-3 crystal materials showed no signs of degradation and optical transmission curves, before and after irradiation, were virtually identical. The test results are detailed in a preliminary publication, which can be found at http://arxiv.org/abs/1105.4963.

“The results of the tests conducted by the ITEP further substantiate the clear advantage of our patented LFS materials over other scintillation materials competing in the high-energy physics field,” said Dr. A.F. Zerrouk, Chairman, President, and CEO of Zecotek Photonics Inc. “The improved radiation hardness of our high-performance LFS-3 crystal significantly increases its life cycle as compared to existing material used in high-energy physics experiments, which reduces the need for frequent and expensive replacement of large quantities of crystal material. Furthermore, the high material yield of our proprietary crystal growth technology provides a clear cost advantage over competing scintillation crystals. We expect substantial interest in our LFS-3 crystal as a retrofit to existing radiation sensitive materials used in high ionization experiments.”

Solid-state scintillation crystals are used extensively in particle physics experiments and in other environments where the detection hardware is exposed to very large doses of ionising radiation. Improvements in radiation hardness directly translate into fewer replacements of detector blocks and less frequent recalibration of detection systems. These factors play a decisive role in controlling the costs of maintenance and the downtime of major experimental installations, such as the FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) particle accelerator in Darmstadt or in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

Zecotek’s scientists have succeeded in the development of this new and extremely durable scintillation material that add to the exemplary performance of its patented LFS crystals exceptional radiation hardness. This reinforces the potential of the LFS-3 to become the material of choice for any applications requiring continued exposure to high levels of radiation.

A separate White Paper on Zecotek’s family of LFS scintillation crystals will shortly be available to the public on the Zecotek website at www.zecotek.com/.


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