Discovery Channel Features Zecotek’s Glasses-Free 3D Display

Zecotek’s Glasses-Free 3D Display Technology Featured on the Discovery Channel Canada

Singapore, December 23, 2010 /FSC/ - Zecotek Photonics Inc. (ZMS - TSX Venture),a developer of leading-edge photonics technologies for medical, industrial and scientific markets, today announced that the Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada’s flagship daily science show, has featured Zecotek’s unique, patented, glasses-free Real-Time 3D Display System. During the program, Zecotek engineers demonstrate how Zecotek’s unique patented system solves the problem of matching multiple views with high definition, to create true parallax volumetric 3D images with high resolution. The program also explores the potential dangers and discomforts of 3D glasses used in both theatre and home entertainment systems and why a glasses-free 3D system is the only viable solution to wider consumer acceptance.

The program segment can be viewed on Discovery Channel Canada’s website at:

About Zecotek’s Real-Time 3D Display System

Zecotek’s 3D Display System is based on a patented array of matched, dynamic lenticular lenses, coupled with high speed image projection. The system operates by forming a very large number of perspective views which, together with its wide viewing angle, allows multiple viewers to each have their own unique perspective. This combination of views, viewing angle and the 3D display’s high resolution offer a viewing experience closest to the visual perception of real objects.

The key feature of Zecotek’s Real-Time 3D Display System is that it does not require glasses, eye tracking or other extraneous or viewer dependent devices. Other unique features of the 3D Display System include both constant motion parallax and the occlusion effect within the viewing angle. Motion parallax is the apparent difference in the direction of movement or speed produced when the subject moves relative to his environment. The occlusion effect is the blocking of one object by another opaque (non-transparent) object located in front of it but where the hidden object can still be seen if viewed from a different angle, for example, in side view. The combination of motion parallax and the occlusion effect eliminate the sense of imbalance and dizziness which can occur in particular with polarized and shutter-type glasses and which are contributing to concerns over health and safety of 3D viewing.

Zecotek’s 3D display technology is scalable and can be applied to both small 3D display screens for use in the transportation, personal computing and gaming industries as well as large 3D display screens for industrial, advertisement, medical and home entertainment markets. While current flat screen technologies are inadequate for time sequenced 3D imaging (and why all LED panel systems require glasses), Zecotek’s 3D Display System can be adapted to accommodate emerging next-generation LED’s and control systems, which will allow for flat, thin panel 3D displays. As an interim step, and to meet current demands for a viable 3D auto-stereoscopic glasses free display, the Company is planning to introduce a desk-top DLP-based monitor specifically aimed at scientific, engineering, military and security applications where 3D imaging provides for enhanced situation and process analysis, fast decision making, and problem-solving.

About Zecotek
Zecotek Photonics Inc. (TSX-V: ZMS; Frankfurt: W1I), is a photonics technology company developing high-performance crystals, photo detectors, lasers, optical imaging and 3D display technologies for commercial applications in the medical diagnostics and high-tech industries. Founded in 2003, the company operates three distinct divisions: imaging, lasers and 3D display, with labs located in Canada, USA, Singapore and Russia. Zecotek commercializes its novel, patented and patent-pending photonic technologies directly and through strategic alliances and joint ventures with multinational OEMs, distributors and other industry leaders. For more information, please visit

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