Files Patents for New-Generation Solid-State Photon Counters

Zecotek Files Three New Patents for New-Generation Solid-State Photon Counters; Appoints Prof. Sadygov to Lead Commercialization of Photo-Detector Product Line

VANCOUVER, March 6, 2007 - Zecotek Medical Systems Inc. (TSX-V: ZMS; Frankfurt: W1I.F) today announced that it has filed three patent applications with the U.S. Patent Office related to its product line of new-generation solid-state photon counters, known as MAPD (Micro-pixel Avalanche Photo Diodes).

“The filing of patents for our new-generation solid-state photon counters is a very important step in our strategy of protecting our intellectual property and further extends Zecotek’s leadership in this very important area of medical imaging technology,” said Dr. A. F. Zerrouk, Chairman, President and CEO of Zecotek.

Zecotek also announced today that Prof. Zair Sadygov, the inventor of the MAPD and the founder of Dubna-Detectors Ltd., a research and development company working within the Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia, has been appointed Chief Scientist in Zecotek’s medical imaging division. Prof. Sadygov will lead the development and production of Zecotek’s product line of solid-state photon counters including the latest generation device, known as the Micro-Channel MAPD (MC-MAPD). The variety in operational parameters of these solid-sate photon counters will offer the imaging industry at large a choice of detection design considerations. This will be particularly important for PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanners. The appointment expands Zecotek’s existing relationship with Dubna-Detectors Ltd. and its exclusive partnership whereby Zecotek owns all rights, title and interest in current and future generations of photo-detector devices researched and developed by Prof. Sadygov and his team of scientists.

“We are extremely fortunate to have Prof. Sadygov join our medical imaging team as he is recognized as the world leader in the development of solid-state photon counters,” continued Dr. A. F. Zerrouk. “The combined expertise of Zecotek and Prof. Sadygov and his team is highly synergistic as Zecotek’s scintillation materials combined with the new-generation solid-state photon counters will create higher resolution diagnostic machines for the medical imaging market. Prof. Sadygov is an integral member of our medical imaging group.”

Zecotek’s solid-state photon counters (MAPD and MC-MAPD) have been designed to offer significant cost and performance advantages over the current vacuum tube based Photo Multiplier Tubes (PMT). PMT based photo-detection devices form a major cost component in the US$1 billion market for PET and PET-CT scanners, representing approximately one-third of the cost of each unit. Existing PMT’s are also key components of medical inspection devices used in blood analysis and DNA sequencing. Additional non-medical applications include: gamma ray detectors for homeland security, environmental monitoring, industrial control systems, robotics, biomedical testing, navigation and guidance systems, laser radars and high energy physics.

Production of Zecotek’s photon counters is expected to begin in Q2 of this calendar year with one of Singapore’s highly competitive microelectronics wafer fabricators. Requests for immediate testing have been received from potential customers.

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