Large Volume LFS Production

Zecotek has completed a fully automated, 100% owned and operated mass production plant for its patented LFS scintillation crystal. 

Using the most efficient and stable growth techniques and infrastructure, Zecotek is now able to supply its high quality LFS directly to its customers around the globe, ensuring stability of supply and quality assurances even at high volumes.


Innovation & Product Development

The factory site has been developed to serve multiple roles. Apart from large scale production the site is also being used for further product development as well as a showroom and sales centre.

Zecotek will be rolling out integrated solutions for the nuclear imaging markets which include applications in medical imaging, high energy physics and security.


Form Meets Function

Attracting and retaining top talent is key to building a world class company. The factory utilized smart design that maximizes efficiency in terms of work flow and movement while also being bright and inspirational.

We have designed a place of work that inspires creativity and a desire for excellence.

Making New Connections
Zecotek is actively seeking out new partners and connections globally.


Products Ready

Zecotek is pleased to announce that it is in production and shipping products to customers such as this array.